Decoy competitions these days feature considerably more than hunting decoys. Whole categories are devoted to fully detailed realistic carvings of waterfowl. Some are lifesize and some are miniatures, but all share an attention to fine detail far beyond what many viewers expect.

Preening Wood Duck Drake

Wood Duck Drake

Surely one of North America's most colorful species.

This drake has been sold, but we can make another.


Hooded Merganser Drake

Merganser Drake

This one is now in a private collection.

We also make a miniature
realistic version.

This is an Oldsquaw Drake hunter. We make them wood bodied like this one, and cork bodied as well.
Competition pieces like this one have smooth bodoes with all feathering details painted on. They also have to be self-righting from any position, hence the ballast keel.
Loon ProfileLoon-Top View

Here are two views of the same realistic Common Loon. As you can see from the rule in the photo, this one is about 1/3 life size (14" long from the end of his bill to the end of his tail)...but fully detailed with feather groups raised and contoured, and individual feathers veined before adding the summer plumage.

We also carve one carrying a chick.


Greenwing Teal hen

And this little lady is a Greenwing Teal miniature. She fits comfortably in the palm of your hand, yet is as fully detailed as her lifesized counterpart. Miniatures are a collector's dream because the quality is first-rate and the prices are much less than the full sized equivalent.

These are just a sampling.
We have a wide variety of competition carvings in our gallery.

And if you don't see a photo of what you're looking for, it doesn't mean we don't have one...simply that we have a limited amount of server space. Give us a call and find out.


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