Lifesize realistic waterfowl carvings are are their miniature counterparts. Many collectors specialize in miniatures, reasoning that they are easier to display and are considerably less expensive than lifesize pieces. Where once they would have bought a single lifesize piece, they now can have a pair of miniature realistics for even less. Isn't it nice to find a compromise where quality isn't sacrificed.

Sizes noted are from the tip of the bill to the tip of the tail.

Greenwing Teal

This little lady has become a gallery favorite.

We also make the drake.


Greenwing Teal Hen miniature


Sold individually or as a pair.

Drake US$425.
Hen US$400.

Hooded Merganser miniatures
Black Duck miniature
If is wasn't for the Mountain Ash berries in this photo, it would be impossible to tell whether this little guy was lifesize or miniature. He's a miniature, measuring about 9" from the end of his bill to the end of his tail feathers. Those overhanging primary feathers are carved from the body block...we don't use inserted feathers..................US$585.
We also make other miniature Black Ducks, completely different that the one above. All detailing is done with a burning tool, and there is no paint added. Each piece is coated with clear lacquer for a low-luster protective finish. Poses include semi-alert, preening, feeding, sleeping, dozing, talking and emerging. Prices range from $95-195. Check them out....

These are just a sampling.
We have a wide variety of competition quality carvings in our gallery.


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