We make lots of these little guys. What started out as a way of utilizing small pieces of select pine turned out to be an instant hit with visitors to our shop...so much so that we thought we ought to add them to our online gallery. Now we're not sure that that was such a good idea as we have difficulty keeping them in stock...especially these little Puffins.

These little guys measure about 3" tall and are equipped with a monofilament loop for hanging. $35 apiece or two for $60.


These little songbirds are hand carved, and the glass-smooth facets left by the knife blade impart an instantly recognizable handmade look. They are also painted simply, though we use the same paints as on our fully realistic songbirds.

Offered two ways...standing or hanging... count on these little guys to add a dash of color to your home or office throughout the year.


All of our Little Birds

Here's a group shot of our littlest songbirds. From left to right there's a Cardinal, Chickadee, Goldfinch, Bluejay, and a Grosbeak. As you can see, they are all about the same size. The Cardinal measures just under 4" tall from the underside of his base to the top of his crest.

Now let's take a closer look at them individually....

Northern Cardinal

The bright red male has been named the "State Bird" of seven states. You'll notice that the standing birds are mounted on a brass pin and that the hanging one is fitted with an all but invisible monofilament loop.@US$20




Black Capped

The Maine State Bird..lover of sunflower seeds...so unintimidated by humans that they will light on your shoulder.
The cheery little birds of winter. @US$20

Take a closer look at our chickadees.


American Goldfinch

Lovers of thistle seeds. Their bright flash of yellow is one of the surest signs of the return of good weather after a long winter.@US$20



These guys will gobble down everything in the bird feeders given a chance...sharing is not exactly part of their nature...but they are lovely to look at. @US$20



Another bright and colorful visitor to our feeders. These guys travel in flocks and seem to swoop in all at once. @US$20


So there you have it...all five of our littlest bird carvings.
They are cute, colorful, inexpensive, and they make great gifts
at a price that won't break the bank.

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