As might be expected, fish carving and painting is far different than doing waterfowl. Anatomically, even their eyes are different. Were you aware that the pupils in a fish's eyed are roughly teardrop-shaped with the pointed end forward? Now there's a piece of trivia...

Atlantic Salmon

Ducktrap is one of Maine's seven Salmon streams, so where we are located in the Village of Ducktrap, it's only fitting that we carve Atlantic Salmon...and we do, lots of them. This guy measaures about 20" from tip to tail, and as you can see, is in the process of being painted. That's a natural driftwood base hidden under all of that masking. We carve 10-12" Salmon most frequently, and have made them as long as 36".

Atlantic (Silverside) Salmon
10-12" US$225....................36" US$825
Any size can be made to order.



Known the world over, the Sunfish is one of the most interesting little fish to carve and paint. Those fins look a bit fragile, we know, but they aren't. The dorsal fin is part of the bodyand only carved to look thin at the tips. The other fins are actually a flexible material that can be bent without breaking.

We carve them singly or in groups. This one happens to be part of a grouping in a cylindrical "aquarium" measuring about 12" in diameter and 30" tall. Inside are freshwater aquatic plants (Elodea, actually), seven sunfish, a small painted turtle and snails...there's even a Damsel Fly perched on the lilly pad at the very top. It would make a lovely accent and conversation piece for your home or office decor.

Lifesize Sunfish on Driftwood Base ................US$ 185.



Northern Pike
The Northern Pike

Here's a closeup of the head with those wicked razor sharp teeth. Looks dangerous doesn't he? Have no fear, at least this fella's teeth are soft and flexible despite looking like something out of a Stephen King novel.

This was a custom job for a catch and release fisherman who took the time to photograph his catch before returning him to the wild.

Pike closeup
Despite being commission work, it was no more expensive than our other fish carvings. That's one advantage of dealing with a custom shop where the work is done by can have exactly what you want at a price you can afford. This particular Northern Pike measured about 18" and cost about US$365.

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