Hand Carved Feather Pins...

Our feather pins are hand carved from basswood and poplar, detailed and painted for a realistic look. We offer several species in two sizes, lifesize and miniature. The longest miniature feather pin measures about 2-1/2".

Feather Pins
In the very center of the photo is an actual feather from a Yellow-Shafted Flicker--to its right is a miniature feather pin of the same feather. Bottom left to right: Wood Duck (side feather), full size Redtail Hawk (tail feather), and Ruffed Grouse (tail feather). Middle row: Harlequin, Loon, Cardinal, the two Flicker feathers, Bluejay, Bluewing Teal (side feather), Wood Duck (flight feather). Top row: Ruffed Grouse (red phase), Gray Phase Ruffed Grouse (full size), and another miniature Ruffed Grouse feather.
Okay, now let's take a closer look...

Here's a Bluejay feather photographed alongside a Maine quarter for scale.This small one goes for US$10. The larger version is US$15.


Bluejay Feather
Flicker Feather

This is the feather of a Yellow Shafted Flicker...again photographed with a quarter for scale. A larger version is also available. Prices are US$10 & $15.


This is a tail feather from a Ruffed Grouse (Gray Phase). Red, Gray, and Brown Phases available in small (shown) and large. Prices are US$15. & $25.


Ruffed Grouse Feather
Wood Duck Feathers

These are Wood Duck drake flight feathers. Small and large sizes shown, priced at US$10 & $15.


All of our feather pins are packaged with a card that explains their significance. In case you can't make out what this one says on your monitor, it reads:

Wood Duck
Aix sponsa
This is a typical side feather from a male Wood Duck. It was hand carved from poplar, detailed, and painted. These are highly prized by fly tyers because of their vermiculation and subtle shading.

Duck Trap Decoys
Lincolnville Beach, Maine

Price for this lifesize one is US$15


Wood Duck Feather Pin Card
Feather pins make unique stocking stuffers...

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