Decoys can be carved with about any knife that will hold an edge. Once you begin, however, it doesn't take long to learn that blades with particular shapes would make the job easier. And it doesn't take much longer than that to learn that some of those knives are VERY expensive. It's not that they aren't worth the money, but it's good to know that there are less costly alternatives that carve every bit as well. This is one of those sets.

Warren Carving Set

This is the handiest tool kit we have yet seen for a serious carver...whether beginner or professional. Made in the USA by Warren Tool Co., it features a walnut handle with a locking chuck, a chuck wrench, seven different knife blades and two gouges...all in a fitted storage case.

We use these very same knives ourselves, because they are really too handy to be without. Take a look. They are razor sharp to begin with, are readily resharpened on a fine stone, and hold an edge exceptionally well.

Carving Set US$55.00

Isn't it refreshing that this entire kit doesn't cost any more than a single "expert" knife or imported gouge.

We have a favorite straight blade knife and gouge too.

And here's a deal...

The same knife set you see above (handles, blades, and wrench) plus our favorite straight bladed knife and out favorite gouge together in a red cedar box for $95.00

cedar box

As you can see, this set differs from the black box not only in size, but in that the individual blades are protected in clear tubes. The gouge and wrench are in the upper compartment, the handle, wrench, and blades in the middle one, and the fixed blade knife in the one in the foreground.

By the way, if you were to purchase just the tools separately, the cost would be about $10 more and you wouldn't get the $5 off discount coupon...

What's the discount coupon for? The book written by the same carver who carved all of the decoys and realistic birds you see on this site. No, it's not "Decoy Carving for Dummies" or anything like that. It's a straightforward explanation of how decoys are made, from the tools used, to making patterns, all the way to how to paint them (which is an art in itself). It is suitable for beginners, and it is also suitable for experienced woodworkers who have limited carving experience.



Basic Decoy Carving

More than good tools and more than good carving wood, carvers need information. There's no sense in having to learn the hard way when it's so easily avoided.

From the back cover of Basic Decoy carving...
Every time I looked for information and had difficulty finding it, I thought to myself, 'This stuff really ought to be written down in one place.' Well now it is, and this is the place."

Have a look, and see what you think...


How about a decoy starter kit to go with your carving set?

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