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How 'bout this guy? Along this coast there are lots of these Surf Scoters–mostly black but instantly recognizable with their gaudy bills. This one is lifesize (about the length of a Black Duck), with a cedar body, hollowed out and ballasted to ride correctly on the water.

Surf Scoter 1
Surf Scoter 2

An unusual duck? You bet.
We make all sorts, so if you have a special request,
don't hesitate to give us a call or send us an email.
We make them in cork too.

Check out our intarsia ornaments.

Intarsia Ornaments

We like to use natural woods whenever possible.
These little Red Cedar cardinals are mounted on 3" diameter butternut discs,
and we used White Pine to represent snow



The characteristic looking back over the shoulder pose of these hand carved turnback crows has made them gallery favorites for quite some time. The largest two have glass eyes, and the largest three are sanded glassy smooth; the smallest one is left faceted as carved. they range is size from about 11" overall ($145) all the way down to only 3.5" tall ($35).

We have crows in alert and curious poses as well, and in multiple sizes. We can even furnish them as ornaments to grace a tree or window. We can't begin to tell you how many crows we've carved. They are that popular.

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Just added...the Common Eider pattern.

We've just added a miniature Loon carving kit. These guys measure 8.5" from tip to tail, so are a good deal larger and more detailed than the ornaments shown below.

miniature Puffin

It seems we're doing more and more realistic miniatures these days. To give you an idea of scale, this little guy is sitting atop an 8oz. jar of Liquitex paint. He's fully realistic right down to his colorful ribbed bill, not to mention his finely detailed burned-in feather detailing.

This little guy was featured in the May issue of Andrew Harper's Hideaway Report Online.

Interested? Give us a call, or drop us an email.


Loon Christmas Tree Ornaments

Our littlest loons are about the same size as our cake toppers, measuring a bit over 3"long from tip to tail. These ornaments are smooth bodied not sanded. Instead, they are carved and then painted, with the facets left by the knife lending a texture unique to each one. Each is fitted with a monofilament loop.

loon ornaments

Loon Ornaments US $25 each

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We have other little bird ornaments as well.

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Here are three new decoys. We only have one of each of these pieces, though of course we can make more when time allows.

This first one will not be familiar to many who live far from salt water. This guy is known as a Razorbill. They were never hunted, as far as we know, but could well be added to an offshore spread as a confidence bird. This particular life sized decoy is cork bodied and ballasted to ride rough water and to self right from any position.


Cork-bodied Razorbill decoy
US$ 95

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The second decoy is a Surf Scoter, known locally as a "Skunk Head," presumably because of the white marking on the back of the head. A familiar sight along the Maine Coast, these guys can be seen feeding and relaxing just beyond the breakers in even the meanest of conditions, seemingly oblivious to the sea conditions. This decoy is cork bodied and is self righting.


Cork-bodied Surf Scoter decoy
US$ 100

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The third decoy is a female Common Eider. Male Eider decoys are by far the most common–could be because the females are far more difficult to paint. We like to have a fairly even ratio of males to females. With corks like this one, the bodies of the males and females are made using the same profile pattern. The differentiation is in the details. Rigged for use with a ballast keel, she is self righting.

hen eider

Cork-bodied Common Eider hen decoy
US$ 145

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