We make a lot of loons. In fact, loons were the very first decoys we carved way back in the 70s. We make of them of cedar, cork, and basswood, and once in a while put out a canvas bodied one. They range from miniatures all the way to lifesized pieces, and if you can't find the size you are looking for on this page, we can make one the exact size you want.

decorastive loon slicks

These are our Decorative Loon Slicks...smooth bodied birds with details painted on. These have white cedar bodies. The undersides are branded and lacquered, and the topsides receive two undercoats prior to the color coats and the detailing. The undercoats are oil based, topcoats are Liquitex acrylic, which is lightfast and extremely durable. Those striking red eyes are glass, not plastic. Since they are not intended to be floated, they don't have keels.

As you can see they come in four sizes. The littlest one, the Miniature measures 8" from end to end and 3-1/4" to the top of the head. The Small size is to the left of the miniature and measures 14" x 5-1/4". The Medium, directly above the Miniature, measures 17" x 6-1/2". And the Lifesize one at the top measures 22-1/2" x 8-1/2".

Miniature..$45...... Small..$85...... Medium..$125...... Lifesize..$145


This is a Realistic Miniature...a competition winner, actually. The head and body block are basswood. The long primary feathers and even the chick's head are all carved out of the body block. We don't use inserted feathers.This piece measures 13-1/2"long x 5"tall.

Unlike the decorative slicks above, realistic pieces like this one are fully detailed before any finish is applied. Most of it is accomplished with a burning pen, though the breast and side feathers are portrayed using a ceramic stone to incise the hundreds of lines necessary to create a soft-as-feathers look.

Yes, Loons really do carry chicks on their back like this.

loon feather detailing

This is what we mean by detailing....It's the reason realistic pieces like this one take so long to make, and why each one is a unique creation. Despite their popularity, we don't make more than two or three a year, and at the moment we have just this one.

Loon with Chick $875

Occasionally we're asked to make some really small loons...have a look.


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