Our littlest Black Ducks are “realistic” pieces–carved like all our miniatures, but differ in that all their feather details are burned in. The detailing is so fine that it actually looks like feathers. There is no painting at all, the only finish is the clear low luster lacquer we apply to protect them from years of handling.

We make seven diminutive black ducks–far and away out most popular miniatures. All are “waterline” pieces (appearing as if they were afloat) and are similarly sized, with the “alert” duck measuring a little over 7” long. This set is designed to be added to, so the individual poses will never change from one year to the next. That means you can begin your collection with a single piece, and know that the others will remain available so you can add a piece or two every year.

Here are the members of the flock from front left, going clockwise...

Alert–resting on the water with the head up and turned slightly
The "alert"pose (lower left) is what's in our Miniature Black Duck starter kit.
Turnback–A relaxed pose with the head turnedresting onthe back feathers.
Dozing– similar to our turnback but with the bill nestled in.
Feeding–guaranteed to bring a chuckle-the exposed part of a feeding duck .
Talking–similar to the alert, but leaning forward and the mouth open.
Preening–head down with her bill against the breast feathers.

Priced $95-$215


Here's a closer look at a Turnback...

And here's a little different piece that we call Emerging, for obvious reasons. We used to carve these for use in classes, but they proved to be so popular that we added them to our gallery. From the rough wood block on one end to the finished head and bill on the other, this illustrates there really is a decoy inside every piece of wood just waiting to get out.

as shown with clear finish. $145.
(We carve this alert style as well as a swimmer.)

Interested in fully realistic miniature Black Duck? Click here.

Think you can carve an Alert? 'Could be you're right.
Our Black Duck Starter kit contains the materials and the plan,
and Basic Decoy Carving explains how the detailing is accomplished.


Note for aspiring carvers: We used Emerging decoys as teaching aids for years. No matter how detailed the reading material and patterns available, when you're learning, there is simply no substitute for being able to hold a piece in your hand so that you can feel the contours and be able to study the way the feathers flow around them. The Emerging piece is especially good for that because all stages of the carving are shown: blocking, drawing the pattern, sawing to shape, contouring, sanding, feather layout, eye placement, burning in details, and finally the finishing. Just something to think about...

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