One of the best ways to get started making decoys is with a kit. We don't sell kits for all sorts of birds, just a select few to get a beginner headed in the right direction. The first three of the pieces on this page are used as examples in our book, Basic Decoy Carving...so to really get a beginning carver headed in the right direction, you'll want to order the kit(s) together with the book.

The other reason you might want to order a kit is because you don't have access to materials needed or the bandsaw used to cut out the larger decoys. In that case, you can have the material-wood or cork, eyes, keel, ballast and fastenings-with the head and body block all sawed out and ready to carve.

Perhaps you don't need a complete kit. What about a plan? We don't offer a lot of decoy plans, but we have them for all of birds mentioned on this page. Check out our plans page.

Here's our newest carving kit...a miniature Loon

Loon kit


Here's a shot of the kit that includes the instruction sheet, a body cutout, 2 head cutouts, pre-painted glass eyes. No special tools are required. In fact, a good sharp pocket knife is all that's needed to carve this loon decoy that measures 8.5" from tip to tail.

Miniature Loon Kit US$25.

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Shorebird Starter Kit


This is our basic kit. The little Sandpiper is a very uncomplicated shape. The body is pine and is readily carved with a pocket knife. This kit includes all of the parts plus an instruction page. You supply the ambition.

Shorebird Starter Kit

Alert (right) $18.
Sleeper (below right)US$15.

This is what the Sleeper looks like.

That's a Warren knife in the photo...
we use them all the time.
The blade shapes are the most useful,
they are easily sharpened,
and they hold a keen edge.



This little guy makes a very interesting carving project, and gives you a real feel for the bird's anatomy. These have been very popular in our gallery for years.

How far wrong
can you go for $15?

Black Duck Starter Kit

Black Duck/Mallard

This is a miniature realistic that introduces the carver to overall duck anatomy and feathering details. Includes the plan and a sawed out body block, eyes, a screw plus a plug for the hole and two heads. Why two heads? Because the head is the most challenging part to carve right and we want you to be able to finish your carving.

Black Duck/Mallard
Starter Kit


Bufflehead Decoy
Bufflehead Starter Kit

This is a lifesize Bufflehead and the kit comes complete with: plan, body block, bottom board, ballast keel (includes the lead weight), eyes, screw for attaching the head, and one head. Leave it solid, or hollow it out for use on the water. The choice is yours.

Bufflehead Decoy Kit

(for a second head add $5)

Check out our Bufflehead decoys.

Other Kits:

Antique Puffin Decoy Kit...After decoys have been out on Seal Island all season, they come back ashore nicked, dinged, worn, and usually checked from alternate exposure to sun and salt spray. With our kit, you can create your own "instant antique". It comes with a checked cedar body block cutout, pine bill, driftwood stand and instructions.

US$ 30
Here's what our new Puffin decoys look like.

Bluebill (Scaup) Cork Decoy Kit..Hunters have favored our cork decoys for years. These are a bit over life size (the better for hunting purposes), and the kit includes the very same materials we use for our completed decoys: cork body block, bottom board, tail insert, head, keel, and lead ballast. The kit also includes instructions, of course. If you've wanted to try your hand at making a cork, here's your chance. They are easy to make, if a bit on the dirty side.

Here's what our finished decoys look like.


Mallard/Black Duck Cork Decoy Kit...These are hunting decoys, and the parts included in the kit are: cork body block, bottom board, head, eyes, keel, and lead ballast. If you would rather display yours, leave off the ballast keel. A plan and instructions are included. Why do these cost more than the Bluebills? They are a good deal bigger for one thing...the plan alone is worth the $10.

Here's what our wooden-bodied ones look like.


Owing to an scarcity of materials as well as time, we are no longer offering decoy kits other than those listed here on this page.

In God we trust

Do you need knives and gouges for carving these kits?

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