Ours is a custom shop...We know, the minute you hear the word "custom", the natural inclination is to think big bucks. Theres' no denying that some pieces are very expensive, but more often than not, the pieces ordered are quite simple and so are moderately priced.

We keep a good selection of carvings on hand at all times, but a significant portion of our work never even makes it into our gallery because those pieces are commissioned and leave here the moment they are done. Custom work makes life interesting, and pieces run the gamut from the simple to highly complex, and are priced accordingly. Here are some examples...

This was a fun piece to make. This little Loon pair was ordered as a cake topper for a wedding cake. There is surely a story behind why Loons were ordered, but we didn't feel we should ask.

In any case, these little guys (shown here with a cell phone for scale) are made just like the larger ones, except that they are joined for life. That was a while back. These days, figure the cost at right around $75.

For your information, when making cake coppers, we figure that the cake top will measure about 6" in diameter. If yours will differ from that, we wil need to know in order to make your cake topper the correct size.


Other cake toppers? We've also done Buffleheads and Canada geese. Have something else in mind? Give us a call or drop us an email.










Of course lifesize loons are considerably more work. Here's a mother with a chick we completed not long ago. As you can see from the ruler in the photo, this one is fully realistic and about half the length of a lifesize bird.

Loon with chick

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This is a Grebe...a Pied-Billed Grebe to be specific. We made the very first one as a gift, and it proved so popular we now try to keep at least one in our gallery at all times. This little guy is life sized, which isn't very big, because he only measures about 6" from tip to tail (which isn't very big either). He is fully realistic. Prices vary because no two are precisely alike; prices these days run from about $450 to $750.

Cute, isn't he.
... "cunnin" as Gram used to say.

These little guys are avid fishermen and in the Spring carry their babies on their backs, Loon-fashion.


This is a miniature Mandarin drake, and yes, that's a green collar around his neck complete with little red heart.

He's a carved version of a pet duck known affectionately as "Puppy", ordered by one friend for another. We worked from photos supplied by the donor. He's a rather simply made realistic and went for about $375.


This Osprey is 80% lifesize, which means that he measures about 17" from tip to tail. Standing on his base, the height to the top of his head is about 18".

And here's a closeup...


Interested in custom work?

Before you assume that the price would be out of the question, at least contact us and discuss it. Most who do are pleasantly surprised...we can only assume they must be, because we have a steady stream of custom work.

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