Cork hunting and presentation decoys ...corks as we call them...are every bit as durable at their wooden-bodied counterparts. Ours are made of Portugese cork, fitted with bottom boards and ballast keels, and painted with acrylics. Some have questioned the durability of acrylic paints, but we have found them to be as long-lasting as the more traditional Japan colors. There is no secret to it; the key is to prepare the surface properly and use good paint. We do.

Not a lot of folks are familiar with the King Eider, but we are called to make a few every year. The body is very nearly the same size as the commons. This is custom work, and the heads take quite a bit of time. Even so, prices are in line with other eiders.

King Eider

Here on the Maine coast these little guys seem to be everywhere. That's why hunters include them in their spreads regardless of what they are hunting.

cork bodies,
Hunting Grade as shown@ US$95.


The largest of our sea ducks, this resting pose has proven itself over and over again.

Common Eiders
Competition Grade
drake US$250.
hen US$350.

Hunting Grade
$195 & $225

Yes, the hen does take that much longer to paint.

Common Eiders
Greenwing Teal Pair

Greenwing Teal
cork bodies, pine heads, ballasted
(hunter versions feature painted keels and a simpler paint scheme)
Competition Decoys (shown) @US165. Hunters @US$100.


Goldeneyes in Turnback, Resting, and Swimming Poses
(we also offer a raised head pose)
(The turnback is wooden bodied... feather groups aren't raised on corks.)
Competition Grade Hunters (shown) @US165. Hunting Grade @US$125.

We make plenty of others; Mallards, Blacks, Scoters, Mergansers, Harlequin, Oldsquaw, Grebes, Loons, Gulls, Razorbills. All are available in cork bodied as well as wood.

We do confidence birds and ones for restoration projects as well...witness the Razorbills we made for the US Fish & Wildlife Service. (They are near the bottom of the page.)

In other words, we can make about any decoy you might want,
whether for your freshwater or salt water spread,
or for a favored spot in your home or office.


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