We have no official affiliation with the Audubon Society other than being members. Over the years, however, we have produced a considerable number of decoys for use in their restoration efforts, primarily their Seal Island Project, just off the Maine coast. We donated those decoys and have since produced others for sale to interested collectors.

Atlantic Puffins are the comics of the seabird world--they even dress the part with their bright multi-colored bills. For a long time they had disappeared from the Maine Coast, but thanks to the work of Audubon Society professionals and a small army of volunteers and summer interns, they are making a strong comeback.

All are carved from native White Cedar or Pine and set on a pin mounted in a driftwood base. We call these guys Seal Island Puffins, and as you can see, they are made in three sizes: (right to left) lifesize, medium, and pint-sized, priced at US$75, $50, and $35, respectively.

Rather make your own? We offer kits for "antique" lifesize Puffins.

Common Murres

Murres and puffins nest together off the Maine Coast, primarily on Matinicus Rock and Seal Island. These are another of the decoys we make for use in Audubon's Seal Island Project. The white stripe around the eye and along the side of the head denotes "bridal plumage", actually seen in only about 10% of the actual Murres.

The largest of the three shown are what are used in the restoration effort, the smaller two are made for decorative purposes. The tallest stands approximately 14" high (base heights vary). Heads swivel.


In case you wondered, yes, we do make lifesize waterline versions of Puffins and Murres (Razorbills too).

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