Carver John Jewell makes some of the finest "antiques" we have ever seen anywhere. The word "antiques" is in quotes because these are contemporary pieces...but you can't tell that by looking at them. They are so good, in fact, that the date of manufacture is branded into the underside so that they won't be mistaken for originals. Decorators just love these decoys. Have a look for yourself...

Common Loon
(lifesize-solid wood)

Common Eider Drake
(lifesize-hollowed wood)

Goldeneye Drake
(lifesize-solid wood)


These are just a sampling.
There are plenty more: Mallards, Black Ducks, Canvasbacks,
Great Blue Herons, even an Owl.

(But don't count on us having every one of them on hand at any one time.
Being a true Maine carver, John carves what he wants, when he wants.
We're just glad he carves as many as he does.)

Prices range from $125-145.

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