2012 Competition Entries

So far this year we have attended two competitions here in the State of Maine, one at the University of Maine in Orono, and the second, the State of Maine Sportsman's Show held in Augusta. Here's how we made out...


This little Pied-Billed Grebe is actually lifesized, and took firsts in both Orono and Augusta. He is fully realistic, carved from basswood and painted with both acrylics and oils. Our Grebes have always done well in competitions and in our gallery.

Oldsquaw Hunter

Much like the decoy on the cover of Basic Decoy Carving, this guy is also a hunter. His body is cedar, hollowed out and ballasted to be self-righting from any position. He is painted with acrylics, airbrushed and flick painted.


This Canada Goose is also a hunting decoy, and like the Oldsquaw above, is self-righting. He's a bit unusual in that his body is cork covered with a layer of what they call stretch burlap that was then coated with a hardener. Why would we do that? Simple–in order to utilize some of the scrap pieces of cork that had been building up in the shop from other work. He is painted with acrylics and the burlap gives him a very nice texture which took the paint very well, as can be seen here. He generated quite a lot of interest.


And yes, all three of these pieces are currently available.

That's it for now. We won't be attending another competition until the middle of July when the Maine Coast Competition gets underway in Belfast. In case you would care to join us there, you can read more about it by clicking here. In case you hadn't considered it, it really is a great time of year to visit the Maine Coast.


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